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There are more than 225 casinos across North America that accept your VIP Preferred account.
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Fast • Easy • Secure • Rewards

VIP Preferred is the fastest, easiest and most secure way to fund all your gaming play, whether online or at the casino. Learn about all the VIP Preferred benefits and why you should join millions of registered users with a free account today.


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Fast • Easy • Secure • Rewards

Sign up for the industry's premier way to fund your play. Use a single account at hundreds of online sites and casinos, with higher limits and real-time access to your winnings. Enjoy fun and rewards when you play the VIP way.

Fast • Easy Secure • Rewards

Experience seemless and effortless online banking as you gain instant access to countless online sites and casinos, with real-time tracking of your winnings. Simply connect your banking account and let us handle the rest. Join us for unparalleled service, entertainment and rewards.

The safest, fastest and most convenient way to use a credit card for the gaming funds you need, either at the casino cage or self-service kiosk

eCheck functions like Venmo, PayPal, Google Pay or Apple Pay. It's easy - just link your checking account to VIP Preferred, and you're on your way!

VIP Mobility is our state-of-the-art cashless gaming app that allows you to skip lines at the cage and kiosk and spend more time playing your favorite games.

At select VIP Preferred casinos, you can delay settlement on your eCheck transactions for as long as 28 days…just by asking for it at the cage or kiosk!

You will always get the highest funding limit available for your VIP Preferred account, more than any other provider.

All our services, from eCheck to Cash Advance, Choice 4 to ATM, TITO and Bill Break, can be completed at the kiosk at your favorite casino (kiosks and services vary by location).

Our US-BASED customer service team is always there to help with any issues or questions you may have about your VIP Preferred account. We're LIVE and happy to serve your needs!

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